Q. Can I use this VPS as a seedbox / hosting?

A. No, this service is only for backup / storage.

Q. Why is your service so expensive?

A. ZFS is a fairly specialized filesystem. I don’t think you’ll find anyone else offering this for less.

Q. Why is the storage so cheap?

A. This service is not meant to have 99.95% uptime (although so far that’s what our uptime has been). It is meant to be a backup. We don’t replicate your data to 3 redundant nodes like S3 does, etc.

Q. What is your physical security?

A. Two dogs: Blaze and Scout, they’ll bark at anyone who comes close to the servers.

Q. Where will my data be located?

A. North Idaho, USA

Q. Is my data encrypted?

A. Only if you encrypt it (which you should). There are several ways to do this. One is to use OpenZFS’s built-in encryption functionality, encrypting the ZFS datasets on your side, then when the data is replicated it will be sent over in an encrypted state and the storage can’t be read without the key. Be sure to have a backup of your encryption keys.

Q. Instead of ZFS replication, can I use this as a backup target for rsync, rclone, borg backup, etc.

A. Sure. You can use any tool that can use SSH as a backup target.

Q. Do you have an SLA?

A. There is no SLA, however, the target is 99.5% availability. The point of this service is not to be highly available. That said over the last year during testing our uptime is reporting higher than 99.95%