ZFS Cloud Storage (Beta)

We provide remote storage for ZFS replication

ZFS storage with SSH root access

ZFS Replication target for TrueNAS, Proxmox, or any system running ZFS

Or you can use it as an offsite ssh backup destination for rclone, rsync, sftp, restic, rdiff-backup, borg backup, etc.

Each account includes:

  • KVM VPS – Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS – 1 Core, 1GB Memory.
  • Root access
  • Block storage attached to the VM pre-formatted as ZFS
  • SSH access (non-standard port) via Public Key authentication
  • Managed:
    • Fail2Ban IDS/IPS pre-configured
    • OS and security updates managed automatically
  • Network is symmetrical gigabit fiber, speeds should range between 100-950mbps.
  • 2TB monthly bandwidth per TB storage purchased.
  • Underlying block storage is backed by ZVOLs with RAID-Z redundancy

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